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"Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. [We] can be that great generation." — Nelson Mandela


This website was designed and is maintained by volunteers of No Kill Buffalo-Niagara.

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No Kill Buffalo-Niagara is an initiative of area No Kill advocates from a number of local animal welfare organizations and rescue groups. Our goal is to expose practices within local shelters that lead to the unnecessary killing of companion animals, to hold them accountable for their practices, but also to engage and assist them in embracing a No Kill philosophy through implementation of the full complement of the No Kill Equation — the only proven framework for saving upwards of 99% of shelter animals.

Contrary to public misperceptions, perpetuated by kill shelters, that see "No Kill" shelters as warehousing or hoarding animals, No Kill shelters nationally have creatively and aggressively marketed adoptable animals in order to move them out and into permanent homes. Such shelters have also implemented other key programs that save lives: pet retention programs, Community Cat trap-neuter-vaccinate-return, bottle-baby foster programs for orphaned animals, strong efforts to reunite lost animals with their owners, and more.

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